Welcome to the African British Business Association (AfBBA) an organisation set up in 2003 dedicated to improving trade between African countries and the United kingdom two regions.

AfBBA’s main focuses are in promoting and facilitating partnerships and linkages on Trade and Investment, Education & Training, Science & Technology and Sustainable Development in the regions. Our activities embrace SMEs, large businesses, Trade Associations, Government Institutions, NGOs, and Community Groups with a proven track record of successfully at levels and acting as an umbrella to deliver innovative solutions.


Following a market investigation conducted in partnership with Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire Chambers of Commerce and the School Development Support Agency, on the trade opportunities that exist in Namibia and Botswana markets on opportunities for local businesses to grow by trading with new overseas markets in Africa as in stated in July 2013 Press Release, which highlighted the fact that that these two countries hold good potential opportunities for UK businesses and also as convenient gateways not only to other SADC neighbouring markets, particularly to Angola which is experiencing high growth in its economy recently.

We now have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the market visit from the East Midlands and other regions to the Global Expo 2013, in Gaborone, Botswana between 20th and 23rd of November 2013.

Global Expo Botswana is the country’s premier international business to business exhibition and has a multi sector focus. The exhibition is endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Botswana through the Ministry of Trade & Industry. The expo will be held for three consecutive days at Botswana Conference and Exhibition Centre in Gaborone.

The Global Expo 2013 offers businesses from the region a commercial opportunity for engaging with new Food Processing projects, Energy Distribution Infrastructure contracts, Agricultural industry, Financial Sector, Mining sector support and Manufacturing sectors such as Glass, Textile and Leather processing and Pharmaceuticals. We are also keen to establish education sector links, at all levels, between East Midlands and Botswana.

This market visit from the East Midlands is being jointly organised by the Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce and Industry(LCCI), African British Business Association (AfBBA), Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce (DNCC), Northamptonshire Chambers of Commerce & Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce and the School Development Support Agency (SDSA), with the support of UKTI East Midlands.

In response to the invitation extended to the businesses in the region by the Botswana Investment & Trade Centre (BITC), the partnership intends to have a presence for the first time at the Global Expo 2013 through facilitating and leading a mission from the region and surrounding regions to the event and also organising a group stand to host a number of companies.

The group stand will serve as a focal point for delegates and also offer all the participating businesses and education institutions an opportunity to display their brochures at exhibition for buyers, agents and other stakeholders attending the show from Botswana and other African countries. Please find attached a copy of trade visit brochure for your attention.

Further, delegates will also have the opportunity of attending a series of seminars at event hosted by the BITC which will further offer opportunity for networking with government and major institutions from the region.

The administrative fee for the mission is £450 per delegate and an additional £400 for display at the group stand per business. A limited number of spaces will be available for businesses that unable to attend to display their brochures at £150 per business.

The visit is supported by the UKTI solo market visit for suitable companies. Please contact UKTI East Midlands on 0845 052 4001 to find out more about the eligibility criteria for grants to participate in this market visit.

This fee excludes travel and hotel accommodation cost, a list of airlines and some approved hotels are included in the brochure.

Please complete and return the application form as soon as possible to E: [email protected] or [email protected]. The visit’s brochure and Registration form can also be downloaded from our website at https://www.afbba.org Meanwhile, should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Frederick Muyijimi on 077 8022 1679
African British Business Association (AfBBA)
80 Main Street. Fleckney-Leicester LE8 8AN