Underdevelopment and underperformance are attributes that are generally associated with the economies of many African countries. There is also consensus that the scale and scope of these problems are daunting and as such require urgent attention on many fronts ameliorate the prevailing adverse conditions.

AfBBA addresses these issues through focusing and employing innovative and proactive strategies on trade, education, science and technology and development; and through cooperating with other existing organisations, to make a full impact in somewhat largely unfulfilled market

Overall, AfBBA’s main aim is foster wider participation, inclusiveness and cooperation between African businesses and organisations with the British private sector, trade development bodies, towards overall development and redressing the adverse trading conditions that presently militate against successful trading the two regions.

The African British Business Association also acts as an umbrella for other trade organisation; to promote and foster business related matters between Africa and Britain, particularly in addressing resolving specific needs and concerns of its member, in both regions. Overall, AfBBA seeks to add value to the efforts and inputs of other businesses and organisations, for more effective outputs and towards regeneration and improvement of various sectors of the economies.

AfBBA has strongly aligned its activities on Africa closely to those identified by The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), in order to enable Africa to achieve its goal of marked improvements on the areas agreed upon by the leaders, by the end of the decade

AfBBA is also able to identify some of the main areas holds good prospects for cooperation between Africa and UK private and Governments, public sectors and businesses and other areas where AfBBA could make a useful contribution in achieving the development goals in the overall governance of their economy.