African British Business Association (AfBBA)

AfBBA is a trade association dedicated to promoting and facilitating trade activities between the private sector businesses African countries and the United kingdom.

Our main focus of activities are centred on promoting and facilitating partnerships and fostering linkages on Trade and Investment, Education & Training, Science & Technology and Sustainable Development between SMEs, large businesses, Trade Associations, NGOs, Government Institutions in African countries with their counterparts in the United Kingdom.

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UK Trade Events in 2016

The association presents a list of useful exhibitions taking place in 2016 the UK on various sectors.

These trade events could enhance the operations of businesses taking part, as well as creating new trade opportunities for them to exploit.

For policy makers, these events present unique opportunities to meet and form partnerships which can contribute to the economic and social development in the African countries.

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UK Trade Exhibitions on Agriculture & Processing & Packaging Sector 2016

The African British Business Association (AfBBA) presents a list exhibitions taking place in 2016 on the Agriculture and Processing & Packaging sectors vital to the development of African countries.

AfBBA will be hosting delegations on many of the events, please contact us for more detail or to express an interest in participating in any of our events.

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Look out for more on the Anglo-Africa Processing & Packaging 2016 soon!