Science & Technology

In the area of science and technology, disparities between Africa and developed countries in capacity are acute, and differences in economic growth due to the distribution, use, adoption, adaptation and generation of knowledge are widening.

According to a recent African Development Bank report Africa is lagging behind as a complex set of institutions, agents, policies, linkages and networks are required to harness the benefits of science and technology for development. This task is all the more difficult since scientific innovation itself is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, which implies holistic, sophisticated, and articulated national innovation systems.

Furthermore, the role of governments in enabling science and technology-led growth has changed from that of facilitator of technology development toward that of “innovation system catalyst”, which entails a host of policy-setting, funding, and regulatory roles.

Last, the actors are more diverse and inter-connected with university-industry collaboration and public-private partnerships characterizing a growing segment of the innovation landscape.

AfBBA intends to concentrate on some of these issues through proactive strategies of fostering and facilitating the necessary linkages between African universities and research organisations with, with  world class and leading organisations in the United Kingdom, to ensure that they are exposed to cutting edge developments in their fields of work.

Some of our undertakings will include promoting and collaboration:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Technology Transfer in industry
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Outsourcing of research
  • Innovation  Promotion and Invention Development

Further, offering assistance with the publications from African Academia, scientist and researchers as well as encouraging participation in industry and academic conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions taking place in the United Kingdom and Europe.